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21 - 26 octobre 2012

An exhibition of the best set photos from the 23 James Bond films for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the saga.

28 septembre 2012 - 13 janvier 2013

The shores of Egypt and Asia Minor, Split, the Aegean and the Balearic Islands and even Sicily, Naples and Venice: the artist represents these symbolic places filtered through the memories of a life with the Mediterranean sea always in the background.

7 juillet - 2 septembre 2012

The exhibition presents 30 photographs dedicated to the super model Bianca Balti. A solo exhibition that is an acknowledgment of the role that modeling has played for years in fashioning the Made in Italy style all over the world.

Come l'acqua come l'oro Rósa Gísladóttir
22 juin - 23 septembre 2012

A reflection on the contrast between the glories of the past and the consumerism of the present, with the outcomes and consequences in the future, this is the idea behind Rosa Gisladottir’s project. The Markets of Trajan are the ideal backdrop for her artworks made of plastic, Plexiglas, aluminium, water, ink, combining the legacy of the past and its finds with currently used materials.

Riflessioni dal Cielo, Meditazioni in Terra: Arte Moderna Calligrafica dal Mondo Arabo
22 mars - 10 juin 2012

Arabic calligraphy has a special spiritual significance – as it is used for writing the Koran, the Islamic sacred scriptures – and an intrinsic decorative value that plays an important role in Islamic art.

L'ultima carovana
15 février - 11 mars 2012

A photographic and audiovisual exhibition of the great Turkish contemporary photographer Arif Asci, who set off with a caravan of 8 people and 10 camels on the ancient trading route from Xian to Istanbul. The trip through Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Iran, lasted 18 months and covered 12 thousand kilometers.

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